open and scheduling classes!!

We understand that life’s experiences and special moments with family and friends make it worth living. Our goal is to help you fully enjoy life – all of it – regardless of your age! Let us help you get back in the game or simply back on your feet – making memories and savoring every second that life has to offer. Faith, family, and friends – that is what we are all about.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Two months ago I couldn’t do anything at all with my right hand and now I have most of my movement and function back. The therapy was very effective and the staff made my recovery an enjoyable experience.
~ Marisa Belcher
Through my work with my therapist, Marcus Reynolds DPT, my pain is 100% better. He showed me how to do exercises at home and ways to prevent further pain.
~ Josh Bailey
My dedicated therapists at Improve PT did a great job. Todd Warner and Tim Davis are very professional and personable men.
~ Darla Toler
The staff was excellent. Marcus Reynolds is absolutely the best. I am so thankful to have such a devoted professional.
~ Cynthia Bigler
They are the best. They were patient, considerate, professional, and know their jobs!
~ Ladonna Darby
I am so thankful to Improve PT for helping me recover and providing such a pleasant, professional, and healing environment. I recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy!
~ Missy Woolverton
After completing therapy I was down to little or no pain at all! I feel vastly better and have normal neck movement. I am now able to enjoy my hobbies, work, and activities.
~Gregory Tolliver
The staff was always friendly and welcoming. The environment of the facility was very clean, comfortable, and relaxing. They made therapy fun!
~ Kavi Haley
My time with Improve PT went very well and exceeded my expectations. The staff was amazing and made me feel welcome.
~Cody Morris

After just the first treatment, I began having pain relief.

~Kim Spurlock
My experience with Improve Physical Therapy was positive. All of the employees were knowledgeable, kind, patient and friendly
~ Teddy Smith
My experience with Improve Physical Therapy was positive. All of the employees were knowledgeable, kind, patient and friendly
~ Teddy Smith
I was a little nervous to start physical therapy, but the minute I walked into Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center I was put at ease.
~ Charlotte Gross
Todd created a personalized rehab program to meet my special recovery needs. I improved every week in this “positive atmosphere for healing.”
~Marykay and Brenda Damus
If I ever need physical therapy again, I will definitely come back to Improve PT!
~ Nancy Wills
I’ve been to other therapy facilities and didn’t feel as comfortable or get as good results as I have with Improve PT.
~Jessica Hughes
This was truly a pleasant experience. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Improve. All of the staff was so friendly and nice to a fault.
~ Robert Spurlock

Everyone at Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center has been knowledgeable, encouraging, and just super nice! I can say nothing but positive things about them.

~ Cathy Collins

I was scheduled for my physical therapy evaluation quickly and after a few visits started to see positive results.

~ Linda Hall

Todd is a fantastic therapist and a great motivator

~ Elaine Max
I came to Improve PT unable to raise my left arm. Today, my strength has been restored and I can use my left arm again!
~ Bill Donegan
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They’re like one big happy family.
~ Frances Coles
I am very pleased with my results. Thank you for being able to get me to where I am.
~ Sandra Weis
The caring, upbeat and professional atmosphere made me look forward to going to my appointments.
Patricia Hamilton
I was very satisfied with the outcome of my physical therapy and would recommend this clinic to any of my family and friends.
Nancy Barnett
Todd Warner’s neck therapy was a God-send for me.
Joan Stiltner


Dr. Jeffry Life
I would refer everyone to Improve PT. They helped my 11 year old so much after her concussion, the staff is very friendly and they have very flexible scheduling.

Simply put, they are the BEST!! I’ve used them for my back, knee, and shoulder. My two teenage sons have used them for their shoulder and foot. You are made to feel like family by all of the staff. I refer everyone I know to Improve PT!!

I can’t imagine that any other facility could be as good as Improve – staff is professional, thorough, on-timing and friendly. I enjoyed the bantering, laughter, words of encouragement, hugs and high fives! I had fun.
Alice F. Smith
Very helpful, everyday, I was given attention to make improvement mentally and physically.
Leon Brock
I feel that Todd and Tim are well-qualified doing therapy! They are courteous and professional.
Ernest Stone
Todd and Tim provided to me an excellent treatment plan to regain full range of motion in my knee and shared the knowledge with me so I can continue to keep my knee pain-free.
Larry Lightner
Working with such a talented team was the key to my recovery.
Melody Lasure
A caring and professional staff dedicated to getting you well.
Timothy Smith
This is the best place in the world to come! I waited a long time af ter surgery to try to find someone. I put it off as long as I could. I heard Todd and Tim was coming back and I felt like a new person. I have been to five Therapists but Todd and his staff are always in a good mood.
Cheryl Watkins
I was met with a friendly staff that zeroed in on all my problems.
Claire Johnson
I had a great experience! Best place hands down for their physical therapy!
Angela Bickley
I feel I have benefited tremendously from the therapy I received at Improve PT. One word for their service – fantastic!
Michelle Knotts
The positive atmosphere really contributes to the healing process.
Ben Barker
Outstanding results from highly competent and patient friendly staff.
Rick Miller
I always felt like a valued member of the team. My input on how well I was progressing was sought after often.
Melody Lasure
I was in so much pain when I started therapy and I honestly didn’t think it would help. I was so wrong!
Shelly Page
Todd and Tim are the friendliest people who actually care about your well being.
Cody Anderson

The staff and office personnel are extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and actually care about your improvement.

Larry Holstine
Todd and Tim are wonderful people and truly helped me! I couldn’t have asked for any better therapists to help me get back to normal.
Robin Newhouse
I received the best care and the staff was always caring, compassionate, and very professional.
Cathy Shivley
I enjoyed going to therapy at IMPROVE PT not only because I could see results, but also because the staff is so caring and the clinic is so bright, inviting, and efficiently run.
I am happy to say after my therapy there I am pain free.
Ron Foster

I am also stronger and more flexible than I have been in over a decade.

~ Mark Myers
The excellent treatment I received at Improve Physical Therapy allowed me to return to doing what I love best in life and that is DANCE!
~ Hayden Summers
Awesome group of people that do great work! Exemplary!
~ Jimmy Hudson
Having physical therapy was a fun and healing experience
~ Debbie Connard
The fun part was everyone was happy and very personable and professional. It was great to have fun and get results.
~ BJ Mitchell
I’m very satisfied with my experience and although the highest I could rate them on my post-therapy satisfaction survey was a 4 out of 4 – I’d give them a “10”!!
~ Michael Romero
I can’t recommend Improve Physical Therapy enough!
~ Jese Vance
If you want to go where there is a positive atmosphere and where you are encouraged to reach your goals – this is the place to go.
~ Sue Bickley
I am thankful for all of you! You guys are more than just my therapists, you’re my friends! You guys rock!!
~ Janice Browning
The laughter and light-hearted nature of Improve PT actually made it fun to go to therapy.
~ Alison
I went in with only about 10% use of my right leg and after only 6 weeks achieved nearly full recovery.
~ Bill Simon

Todd gives 101% to all of his patients. I am so glad I was one of them.

~ Patty

I have zero pain now with just some minor stiffness. I am so grateful for the healing experience I was able to receive at Improve!

~ Jeanne

Thank you Todd, Tim, Kim and Diann for taking great care of me. Your knowledge, professionalism, sense of humor, kindness, and encouragement made up the prescription for my recovery. I appreciate you so very much!

~ Melinda Adamson

If I ever need physical therapy in the future I will confidently return to Improve Physical Therapy.

~ Donna Becher

I thank Todd and his wonderful staff for their professionalism, support, and empathy. I hope I don’t need therapy anytime soon, but if I do IMPROVE is #1 on my list.

~ Melinda Taylor

Thanks to Improve I have finally gotten my life back to normal.

~ Mary
There is no doubt that I will return to Improve Physical Therapy if needed in the future.
~ David Haney

I am so thankful for the care/treatment I received while at Improve.

~ Jill
I had an outstanding experience at Improve PT and I couldn’t be happier with the care I received!!
~ Scott Abbott
Patient Testimonials
Tim Davis-and-Todd Warner

Welcome to Improve PT

We Believe Physical Therapy Changes Lives.

IMPROVE  Physical Therapy & Hand Center, LLC is a private, therapist-owned provider of outpatient Physical Therapy services established in September 2017. Our experienced team prides itself in providing individualized, hands-on care in a positive, fun and comforting environment.

Your Leading Physical Therapy Team in Nitro and Charleston, West Virginia

At some point in life, you or a loved one will need the help of a qualified, licensed physical therapist. If your parent falls and breaks a hip, your kid suffers a sports injury, or your neck and back are super tense due to stress, our qualified and licensed team can help. We are a leader in the Charleston area. Our practice is 100 percent owned by our therapy providers

We specialize in

  • Hand and shoulder therapy
  • Treatment for neurological conditions
  • Post-operative therapy for knee, ankle, and hip replacements
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Improving balance after surgery and for aging adults
  • Musculoskeletal therapy
Physical Therapist Charleston, Nitro West Virginia


We believe you are more than physical symptoms. We understand the powerful mind body connection in the healing process.

Tim and Shirley 2017 Balance Training


Tim and Todd have achieved success on over 10,000 patients in out-patient physical therapy, hand, and sports medicine centers for over 40 combined years. Todd has 21 years of administrative experience.

Physical Therapy Expert Charleston, Nitro West Virginia


Providing the only Physical Therapist in the Charleston area that is certified in both hands (CHT) and spine (Cert. MDT). Voted “Best in the Valley” more than any other PT in the Charleston Area over the past 14 years.

Message from the Owner



We treat patients with many different conditions

We treat patients with many different conditions. Click on the body areas highlighted on the body diagram for information on common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help.