Function: In order to receive gait training (therapy to walk better) – a patient must be able to walk independently (without help) with or without an assistive device. We believe this is in the best interest and safety of the individual needing therapy.

We are not properly trained or experienced to work with pediatrics (under 5) or low functional level patients with significant neurological deficits (TBI, CP).

We often treat patients that have had a stroke (CVA) and need strengthening, balance, fall prevention, gait training, or coordination training. However, he or she must be able to ambulate without assistance upon coming into the clinic. We also have treated many patients with Parkinson’s Dz. and Multiple Sclerosis.

We will treat patients that are unable to ambulate or walk without assistance OR that are wheelchair-bound for upper extremity or orthopedic problems (pain, stiffness, weakness, dyscoordination, dysfunction, numbness). We will not treat them for gait training, balance training, or neuromuscular rehabilitation until they are able to ambulate(walk) independently.