As a service to our community, we offer a free evaluation and two additional free treatments to all area middle school and high school athletes that have not yet seen a physician. Once a physician or surgeon is seen, a prescription from the physician is required and the insurance is billed.

Although some of the area physical therapy clinics have contracts to cover some of the area high school’s sporting events, the athletes at those high schools still have a right to choose where they can take their therapy. Todd Warner is one of the most experienced and successful sports medicine physical therapists in the Charleston Area. (REFER TO THE ORTHOPEDICS/SPORTS SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE).

Over the last 24 years, the owner, Todd Warner PT, CHT, Cert. MDT has evaluated and treated thousands of athletes successfully and with no adverse outcomes while following this policy at various area therapy clinics and hospitals.

We have great relationships with most of the area’s best orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. Therefore, we can usually get the athlete into to the surgeon quickly and efficiently if needed.

If the athlete completes the initial 3 visits and needs more therapy, he or she can easily do so by changing the account to an insurance-based account and obtaining a physician prescription.

We usually see athletes the same day they call in order to get them back into their sport safely and efficiently.