Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center, LLC was voted “Best in the Valley” for Sports Instruction in 2019. We pride ourselves in getting the athletes and weekend-warriors we treat back to full recovery and performance.

Since 1994, the owner Todd Warner, PT, CHT, Cert. MDT has been successfully helping area athletes fully recover from injuries and return to their sports. He and partner Tim Davis PTA have over 40 years of combined experience in sports medicine and have treated thousands of area athletes.

In reviewing Todd’s credentials, one will learn that he worked at CAMC Sports Medicine Center (Staff Therapist, Assistant Manager, and Lead Hand Therapist) 7 years, Montgomery General Hospital Sports Medicine Center (Staff Therapist, Director of Therapies, Lead Hand Therapist) for 3 years, Teays Physical Therapy Center (which treats many athletes) for 2 years, and Dynamic Physical Therapy & Hand Center (Founder, 100% Owner, Staff Therapist, and Operator) for 11 years.

While owning and operating Dynamic Physical Therapy & Hand Center, LLC (2003-2015), Todd developed relationships and was granted contracts to cover many of the area high school athletic events for multiple boys’ and girls’ sports including football, baseball, basketball, Lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, cheerleading, and softball. His business successfully provided these services for 10 years without any adverse incidents for Charleston Catholic High School, George Washington High School, Capitol High School, Nitro High School, and St. Albans High School. Over those ten years, Todd evaluated and treated successfully thousands of these athletes. He developed a partnership with the University of Charleston and assisted in the needs of their athletes. He also was a guest lecturer on several occasions for the athletic training students at the University of Charleston.

One of our practices at IMPROVE Physical Therapy & Hand Center, LLC is to provide 1 free evaluation and 2 additional free visits for any area middle school or high school athletes. Todd & Tim have utilized this policy and practice successfully over the past two decades – resulting in getting athletes back to the field or court safely and efficiently. If the athlete needs more than 3 visits, he or she can continue with therapy here at our center under an insurance plan. This program also involves assistance with referrals to area orthopedic surgeons in which we have excellent relationships. These relationships allow us to get the athletes in to see the orthopedic surgeons much quicker than usual.

Over the last 24 years we have treated some of the area’s best football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, dance, gymnastic, and cheerleading athletes within our area. We have treated hundreds of athletes that have undergone serious injuries and post orthopedic surgeries including rotator cuff repairs, SLAP repairs, ORIF (fractures), meniscus repairs, ACL reconstruction, Tommy John, ankle reconstruction, etc. etc. We have experience getting athletes back quickly and safely. For example, Todd is proud to share that as the primary treating therapist, he has successfully treated more than a hundred ACL reconstructions without one single rupture post-surgery over 24 years!

Regardless of the grade – be it kindergarten, grade school, middle school, high school, or college – we have treated thousands of athletes with strains and sprains, fractures, tendonitis, disc protrusions and bulges, as well as many other sport-related diagnoses. Over the past 24 years Todd and Tim have treated nearly every sports medicine injury possible.

We take a great deal of pride in successfully rehabilitating our athletes and eventually watching and reading about them competing in their respective sports. Currently we are getting many of the area’s scholastic athletes better – just ask Colin Wilkinson – who after only 8 weeks post ACL Reconstruction achieved full range of motion, normal strength, normal ambulation without crutches or a device, pain-free status, and was told by his surgeon – “Perfect!” – and who recently was discharged with all goals met.

The combination of highly trained sports medicine physical therapists and our relationships with area orthopedic surgeons creates a winning combination that is difficult to beat within our treatment area. If you have an athlete that has an orthopedic injury feel free to call us at any time 304-925-HEAL (4325). Don’t take a chance on your son’s or daughter’s recovery.