I am definitely a Kimberly fan. I take both Pilates and BootyBarre with her and she never disappoints. I look forward to every class and just wish I had time to take a class every single day. So rewarding to see the changes that happen with my body, which in turns boosts spirit and self-image. Loving it!! 

Cynthia, Pilates Sculpt

Kimberly provides such a wonderful workout. My mother and I love this class. It gives us time to bond and become better, stronger versions of ourselves in a loving environment.

Anonymous , Intro to Pilates Client

This class is so incredibly fun! It’s a wonderful workout too. Kimberly does a great job teaching and it always puts a smile on my face!

Joanna, BootyBarre Bounce

Kimberly is a kick-butt Pilates instructor that helps you figure out what ‘works’ best for your body to get the best workout possible.

Anonymous , Intro to Pilates Client

I love taking class from Kimberly. She is helpful and encouraging and always makes sure that we are using correct form during our workout. I always leave class feeling stronger and happier than when I came in. First rate experience!!

Martha, Pilates Sculpt

Love this class! Kimberly’s enthusiasm and energy are unmatched. Always fun, no matter if you’re with people you know or total strangers. This class has made a huge impact on my body, fitness, and strength. one of my favorite classes!

Anonymous , BootyBarre Bounce Client

Kimberly is such an exceptional instructor. She combines significant knowledge with a sincere desire to support her students on their fitness journey. I always look forward to her classes and know she will both challenge and support me know matter how I am feeling that day

Joanna, Pilates Sculpt

I’ve been doing BootyBarre with Kimberly and I love it! It’s a great workout! It’s not just a class, it’s a team. Kimberly always follows up with me and encourages me when I’m doubting my limits. I’ll be honest, if she hadn’t called me after the first class I’m not sure I would have been back. I felt so uncoordinated and kind of defeated. So nice to be a part of a team that is so encouraging and that goes the extra mile! A strong business that builds women up, not just physically, but emotionally as well! Can’t wait until the next class!!

Miranda, BootyBarre

Even with a very angry lower back and hip, Kimberly was able to give me a workout to help keep it out of my back and I am so thankful for that! Lots of modifications were needed but my back is not angrier and right now that speaks volumes! Thank you, Kimberly, for your patience and direction.

Anonymous , Fitness Client

Kimberly Warner has an amazing Pilates class on Sundays. I recommend her class to anyone who wants a good inner core workout. I have even started getting people from my school club to come to classes. She cares about form more than anything yet challenges me each and every class!

Holyn, Pilates

Love all of Kimberly’s classes!! She is so amazing at what she does!

Maddie, Pilates Sculpt

Kimberly is such an inspiration and a phenomenal teacher. She’s inspired my mother and I to workout daily and we NEVER miss a Sunday class unless there’s an emergency. We can’t wait for her to expand her teaching… we are absolutely obsessed with her and her helpful teaching technique. Love her!

Intro to Pilates
Always a butt kicking fun class with Kimberly!!
BootyBarre Bounce

I hadn’t taken a class with Kimberly for a couple months due to some neck issues that I had to take care of before I go back into it. Today was that day, Kimberly as usual gave an amazing workout. It was good to be back and I am planning on making it part of my weekly workout again!!

BootyBarre Bounce

I found the best exercise class! Improve Pilates and Fitness in Kanawha City. First time there I worked on the mini trampoline- what a blast!! Second class was BootyBarre and Pilates-stretching and toning. Kimberly is amazing and takes her time with you to make sure you’re doing everything right. She’s very positive and uplifting. They have several types of classes and the cost is reasonable. The class I take is at 6:30pm perfect time to get home and take care of my kids and catch my breath. If you are considering working out, please check this place out!!

BootyBarre Bounce

Love Kimberly!! I was an exercise dropout, or I was until now!! Kimberly is patient and adjusts for us who moan and groan (me, the loudest). She asks a lot of questions about what you want and need from your class. Hard work but fun. Get some friends and get started!!

Debbie, Private Barre Class
Today I tried Kimberly’s BootyBarre Bounce class for the first time. She is a great instructor, and the class is SO fun! Burned 570 calories but the bouncing was my favorite part. Can’t wait to go back!
BootyBarre Bounce
Amazing Pilates class on Sundays. I recommend her class for anyone that wants a good inner core workout. Shye cares about safety and form before anything else. Yet, she pushes you to do your best and challenge yourself. 
I have been BootyBarre Bounce for 3 months now and all I can say is WOW! Kimberly is the best instructor that I have ever had, and she is there to work with you on perfecting those little imperfections that we woman all feel we have. BootyBarre Bounce has become my favorite workout routine because sometimes we just need to bounce those worries and cares away.  I have started taking other workout classes simply because Kimberly teaches them. That’s how much I enjoy her teaching and coaching. I’m starting to see a change in my body due to these workouts with Kimberly and I love that she is on the journey with me to a better, more confident me!!
Tasha, BootyBarre Bounce
Tonight, Kimberly’s Pilates Mat Class was wonderful but tough… booty lifting-back ripping-ab sculpting-core strengthening workout,  and every one of those areas know they’ve been worked!!
Pilates Mat Class
Intense workout with Kimberly Warner (aka fitness barbie). I will give some credit for the intensity of the workout to my reformer duet partner for saying she wasn’t sore the last time. Kimberly being the trainer she is turned it up several notches on both of us!
Reformer Duet