We are an outpatient physical therapy center established September 1, 2017 in Kanawha City/Charleston, West Virginia. The center is 100% therapist-owned and operated. Our mission is to get people better- so they can enjoy life. We aim to achieve this mission by providing the area’s highest quality of care through compassion, experience, and expertise.

We provide in-depth evaluations and appropriate and specific physical therapy treatments (including custom splinting) for a multitude of conditions, problems, and diagnoses including: musculoskeletal, orthopedic, neurologic, hand, shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, spine, sports, balance, post-surgery, balance, balance, fall prevention, gait, and chronic pain.

Our many years of experience have allowed us to fine-tune our craft and treat every patient and diagnosis individually. We realize that the highest quality physical therapy is as much about communication, compassion, and cooperation as it is about expertise. We believe we provide the area’s best balance of combining the art of physical therapy with the skill of physical therapy. We love people and our patients and believe this is the strongest reason for our past and ongoing success, but also realize that providing and choosing the correct treatments – with the correct timing, the correct intensity, and the correct duration – is essential to achieve what everyone wants – RESULTS! Results like less pain, more strength, more motion, less fatigue, better sensation, better balance, less falls, and ultimately BETTER FUNCTION – so you can enjoy the special moments in life and life itself.

As you look deeper into our website, you will learn that we are uniquely qualified – providing the only Physical Therapist in the Charleston, West Virginia area that is certified in both hands (CHT) and spine (Cert. MDT) – with over 23 years of outpatient success and 21 years of administrative success. However, we hope you also get a “feel” for our “hearts” – we’ve tried to express that as best we can on a website, but as the saying goes “you’ve got to experience it to believe it.”
We hope you give us a chance to allow you to “experience” it and become part of our Improve PT family.

Todd Warner - PT, CHT, Cert. MDT
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