Active Isolated Stretching

by appointment only

AIS is a remarkable physical therapy and performance modality that relieves acute and chronic pain.  It can free your range of motion to improve your posture or your game.  AIS was developed by Aaron Mattes. By studying the origin, insertion, and action of every muscle, Mattes created an impressive body of work which includes over 170 stretches.  AIS works with soft tissue, including deep fascial planes bringing in fresh blood and oxygen to muscles.

We offer AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) body work to help you relieve tension in your body caused by injury, overuse, misalignment, and the daily stresses of life.

AIS is an excellent complement to your  Pilates workout because it is very specific to releasing areas of tightness to help provide a greater, pain-free range of motion.

Many clients experience noticeable results during their first session and over time, you can expect to experience increased mobility, decreased pain, and an improvement overall health and wellness.