Our therapists have been treating post-surgery patients since 1993 in the Charleston area. The owner, Todd Warner, PT, CHT, Cert. MDT, has worked in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine centers in the Charleston area for the past 24 years. He and his partner, Tim Davis, PTA have worked together for 17 years and know exactly what to expect and precisely what to do when patients come in after surgery for rehabilitation.

Todd has been voted “The Best Physical Therapist in the Kanawha County” more than any other individual physical therapist the past 14 years. A high percentage of Todd’s patients have had surgeries and he has vast experience treating just about every orthopedic, spine, lower extremity, or upper extremity surgery.

We know how to safely and appropriately progress patients through the rehab process. We follow all precautions and protocols as needed while also treating each case on an individual basis based upon symptomatic response. We know how to get you back in the sport or on your feet quickly without sacrificing safety – our extensive experience and thousands of positive results vouch for this fact.

Todd and Tim have treated thousands of knee surgeries – especially total knee replacements. Todd is proud to share that he has only had excellent results with the hundreds of patients he has treated with total knee replacements over the past 10 years. He has learned that aggressive stretching should not be done unless absolutely necessary and respects the patient’s pain, inflammation, and swelling as the recovery process occurs and the motion steadily improves. He also wanted to share that in 24 years of treating patients that have undergone ACL reconstructions (over a hundred patients) as the primary treating therapist – he has never had one that ruptured or re-tore.

Todd is also the only Physical Therapist that is also a Certified Hand Therapist – so if you have had surgery on the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, or fingers – no one is more qualified to treat you. He is as highly qualified as any one in our area to treat rotator cuff repairs, shoulder replacements, thumb CMC replacements, carpal tunnel release, fractures (shoulder, wrist, fingers), tendon repairs, nerve repairs, etc. He has made thousands of custom splints to protect or stretch surgical tissue.

Todd is also a Certified McKenzie Therapist – which involves specialization in the evaluation and treatment of the Spine (neck and back). He is one of only 14 certified therapists in the state of West Virginia. We have successfully treated thousands of patients that have undergone spinal surgeries over the past 24 years.

Some of the area’s larger clinics will have a physical therapist evaluate you and then put you on a physical therapist assistant’s schedule. We don’t believe that is quality healthcare – and therefore, never have and never will follow this practice. When you come to our clinic, the therapist will evaluate you and keep you on his or her schedule – thereby insuring a safer and more effective rehab experience.

We will maintain outstanding communication with your surgeon and perform re-evaluations with typed reports for you and the surgeon at initial visit, for follow-up visits to the surgeon, and at discharge. If any unusual signs or symptoms occur, we will call the surgeon. We pride ourselves in working with your surgeon as a team and always staying on the same page with them.

Unfortunately, in this day-and-age, several factors may contribute to where your surgeon refers you to therapy. For example, they may refer you to a physical therapy clinic that is close to where you live thinking that would be more convenient for you. You have a right to choose where you take your therapy – we have excellent relationships with nearly all the area’s orthopedic, spine, and hand surgeons. Let them know you’d like an experienced therapist and that you’d like to take your therapy with us. We’re sure they will agree that to be a good idea. Get your physical therapy order/ prescription and then give us a call…… 304-925-4325. We look forward to hearing from you soon!