Nitro, West Virginia Physical Therapists Can Alleviate Your Pain
Physical Therapy Treatments in Nitro, WV

Like everyone else, physical pain will come into your life for one reason or another. You may be a youngster or a senior citizen. You may play sports or not. Nonetheless, it’s likely that now or in the future, you will need the services of a physical therapist.

Physical Therapists Close to Nitro, WV Treat the Whole Body

At our clinic, we offer neck pain treatment, hand therapy, shoulder therapy, sports therapy, and many other physical therapy services for our patients. We can help give you relief in parts of your body from your head to your feet. Our fall prevention services aim to improve your balance, strength and better mobility. If you need orthopedic therapy or an orthopedic surgeon, we can help too.

Physical Therapists with Experience

If you live in the Nitro West Virginia area, you don’t have to ask “Where is there a physical therapist near me?”, because this is the area we serve. We have extensive experience. Our two principal physical therapists have a combined total of over 40 years working of experience. They have used their skills working in many facilities, including centers for sports therapy and hand therapy.

In addition, the owner-operator of our clinic is a physical therapist who is a certified hand therapist and a person with expertise in Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy. More than 10 times he has been named “Best Physical Therapist in the Valley” by a local publication.

Nitro, WV Physical Therapists

In addition to providing a wide range of excellent services, our staff’s work is guided by the principles of compassion and care. If you’re around or close to Nitro West Virginia, call (304)-925-4325 so we can evaluate your situation. The sooner you begin physical therapy sessions at our clinic, the quicker you’re likely to start experiencing relief for your pain.