Clubs are always looking for unique additions to their class offerings, and JumpSport trampolines are perfect for delivering full body workouts in an extremely entertaining way.

Here, Kimberly Warner, an instructor at Centered Pilates Studio, shares why she uses JumpSport trampolines in her group classes and one-on-one sessions, and considers them “must have” equipment:

How were you introduced to JumpSport and why did you decide to partner with them?

KW: I was first introduced to JumpSport Fitness trampolines when I went to Los Angeles for Tracey Mallett’s Bootybarre Summit in October 2017. I immediately fell in love with the product. We had so much fun and received an amazing total body workout. She incorporated barre work, cardio and even Pilates on this one piece of equipment. I knew there would be so many other opportunities to utilize the trampolines and I was hooked. I could not wait to bring rebounding with JumpSport Fitness back to West Virginia.

When you find a product you feel passionate about and you’ve witnessed the beneficial results from many clients, why would you not want to partner with them? I love the versatility and structural stability of their trampolines.

How has JumpSport helped enhance your offerings?

KW: There are many benefits to using JumpSport Fitness trampolines. I love teaching Tracey Mallett’s Bootybarre Bounce group fitness classes and HIIT classes. I have lots of private clients who use them to complement one-on-one training and have even purchased them for home use. My husband and I own a physical therapy clinic called Improve Physical Therapy, and we love utilizing the trampolines there as a rehabilitation tool. There are endless benefits of rebounding, and then having the removable bar for stability is yet another bonus.

What do your members like most about JumpSport?

KW: My clients rave about how much fun they have in class and how they know they are getting a total body workout. Having the adjustable bar allows children to accompany their parent if they want to do a class together. I have clients who have said they have reduced cellulite, increased pelvic floor stability and increased core strength, and they are thrilled to feel safe and secure with this product.

There are always modifications that can be tailored to individual clients such as the height of the bar or cord tension. I have clients of all ages — teenagers and adults into their 60s. My clients enjoy having the bar for that added sense of security. You can work every part of your body with this product. I’ve been diagnosed as a potentially fatal asthmatic and using this product has improved my cardiovascular endurance, as well as muscle toning and it always puts me in a great mood. I can tell a difference if I haven’t used my trampoline in my breathing. I also have to say it is an incredible way to let your children expend some energy. When mine start getting a little wild, we all head to the basement for trampoline time.

How would you describe JumpSport’s customer service?

KW: JumpSport has exceptional customer service. They are very knowledgeable and eager to assist in any situation. I recommend this company not only because of my love for their products, but their knowledge, friendliness and professionalism. They get a 10 out of 10 from me.

Why should other club operators consider working with JumpSport?

KW: These products and adaptable kits would be a wonderful addition to any facility. Local soccer clubs and colleges have all expressed interest in adding JumpSport fitness trampolines to their training regimens. You can use them for speed and agility training, or rehabilitation uses. The staff at JumpSport will even send different YouTube links to show some of the many training possibilities and instructional videos on assembly and use. This product definitely would complement and enhance anyone’s fitness journey.